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Thanks for the customer reviews!

Thanks to our 3 new customers for both their orders and taking time to provide reviews today! We really appreciate the orders and the reviews. Any customers that takes time out from a busy day to provide us with a review (positive or negative..they all help us to see where we can improve) receive 10% off their [...]

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What is a Multi Source Agreement (MSA)

There is a common misconception out in the industry that only optical transceivers from the big brands will work with their equipment. This simply isn't true and goes against the whole reason of an industry standard Multi Source Agreement also known as an MSA. An MSA is an industry standard created by leading component manufacturers and suppliers. This MSA specify the technical requirements of optical [...]

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GLC-T Compatible back in stock

Great news! GLC-T back in stock with FREE DELIVERY for all orders over £65. GLC-T priced at £45 EX VAT250+ on the shelf and ready to go. 

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Fully compatible 40G CFP's now in stock

We now have all models of fully compatible and tested 40G CFP's in stock.CFP-40G-SR4 CFP-40G-LR4 CFP-40G-FRThese fully compatible transceiver modules are hot-swappable input/output devices which plug into a 40 Gigabit Ethernet CFP port of a Cisco switch or routerPlease contact your account manager to discuss 40G CFP your requirement

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KNX GLC-SX-MM Back in stock

Great news! GLC-SX-MM's are back in stock! Don't forget we provide free delivery for all orders over £65

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