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**Flash Sale** GLC-SX-MM Compatibles Expires...5:30pm 11/06/14

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Just a small blog post... We have a flash sale on compatible GLC-SX-MM optical transceivers now at £27 each ex VAT so that's a saving of £3 per unit on our already brilliantly priced GLC-SX-MM compatibles!

To confirm... GLC-SX-MM now £27 each ex VAT until 11/06/14, then there back to our normal price of a competitive £30 each plus VAT

Oh and also don't forget....FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £65 plus you can still take advantage of our volume discounts like 12% when you order 10 or more! 

Phew! Big discounts, quick delivery and nervous staff waiting in anticipation for England Vs Italy on Saturday!